QuickBooks has become the most popular accounting platform in many small to medium-sized enterprises. This accounting software helps in accelerating the efficiency of the employees and the organization. Along with this, it will maintain the financial and accounts report in a hassle-free way. Despite multiple features and benefits, users might come across the technical crisis related to QuickBooks. One of most usual technical woe is when you get the message of “failed to send the usage data while updating”. No matter what kind of technical problem you’re stuck with, you can get a swift solution of every issue from our technical support service.

If you’re a new user of QuickBooks then let’s have a look at the cause and solution of this technical error.

Why QuickBooks get failed in sending the usage data?

There are mainly two reasons because of which you come across this error message while updating the QuickBooks:

  • In your system, there’s a wrong time zone.
  • In case, you’ve created a copy of an Accountant.

For solving this issue, you have to find out the solution of above-mentioned reasons.

Solution 1: Check the time zone of the file in the system

For Windows 8:

  • First of all, go to the “Control Panel” and then choose the clock, language, and region.
  • Look out for the ‘date and time’ section and then tap on ‘Set date and time’.
  • Enter the correct time and date in the system.
  • After this, make a tap on the option “OK”.
  • For changing the time zone, tap on “Change Time Zone” and after this choose the preferred time zone.
  • At last, click on ok and check whether the time and date are correctly entered or not.

For Windows 7:

  • Go to the desktop and the make double click on time and date icon present at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can also reach the date and time option by clicking on the control panel.
  • In the next window, it will be shown two more option date and time settings and region and language.
  • In this step, tap on the option of “date and time”.
  • When you’re done doing this, click on ‘change’ button
  • After entering the current time and date, you have to click on OK.
  • Now, tap OK again.
  • After completing the process, check the time and date of the system.

Solution 2: check if there is an accountant’s copy

If you have changed the time and date still having the same technical difficulty then try out this solution:

  • If there is an Accountant’s copy then you can remove the restrictions manually. This can also be done by waiting until the copy of the accountant is returned. While doing so, verify with your Accountant.
  • After this, you have to try to send to Intuit.
  • If you encounter any error while doing this then try deleting all the online transactions that have been sent.
  • From the top menu bar, click on the option of “edit”.
  • Press ctrl+F and then choose the advanced tab.
  • In the next step, you need to choose the option in the filter box.
  • On the find screen, click on the find button.
  • At last, make sure to review the results.

If these steps don’t help you in fixing the problem then pick up the phone and dial the QuickBooks Support. Within a few minutes, you’ll get answered by the certified technical consultants.