QuickBooks Error 3371? Do You Know What Actually about it?

The one and only accounting software are the QuickBooks which keeps you cool all the time when it comes to managing the accounting complexities of your business. It’s Secure, Reliable and Highly accurate; These three most important characteristics make this accounting software ruling on top. Keeping aside a few limitations, the accounting software is overall good, meeting all advanced accounting needs thoroughly. The occurrence of problems and errors while operating different versions of software is not a new phenomenon that happens with QuickBooks users. QuickBooks Error 3371 is one of the different error categories that is encountered by users. In this blog, we will go through basic details, reasons, symptoms, and ways to resolve the error 3371.

QuickBooks Error 3371

Basic Details Of QuickBooks Error 3371

Error code: 3371

Symptom: Message on screen,Could not load QuickBooks license data

Status Code: 1118


  • Missing or damaged file
  • Installation of the latest update of Operating system


Why Do You see QuickBooks Error 3371?- Reason

Yes! It is quite a genuine phenomena, when occurs the QuickBooks error 3371. Let’s discuss the reason in brief. Once you install accounting software, local hard drive stores the license information. The corruption of this information is the real cause behind the QuickBooks Error 3371. It is the simple and predefined procedure of the software, where it utilizes a system signature in order to check for the licensing information within the hardware configuration.

At the time when you are in a process to clone the drive, therefore require reconfiguration of the system, then chances to messing up of hardware configuration are very high. Such messing generates a mismatch which creates a hindrance upon software startup.

Symptoms of Error 3371

  • Once you relocate license from one computer to some other computer and after that restore the system.
  • At this point of time, you can see the error displayed with code 3371.
  • Pop up message seen, ”Couldn’t load License Data”.

Getting out Of Trouble Caused Due to the Error-How To Fix QuickBooks Error 3371?

When you want to fix the error, you should follow below-mentioned instructions:

  • Keep following back to back instructions shown by pop-up.
  • In case you face trouble with the terminology of instructions, you can take help from experts at via QuickBooks Support Number.
  • Give your time in research to find out a genuine article based on this particular error support. Steps & procedures discussed there can help you recover from your error easily.

So, these are some alternates to resolve QuickBooks Error 3371. You can also fix the error through command prompt. See how:

  • First of all press, “window+R” to open a command prompt.
  • Next, press, “ok” button after entering the following path in the CMD text area.
  • C:\programdata\intuit\entitlement client\v8
  • You will see the explorer window is opened.
  • Now, locate ECML file, right click it and delete it.
  • After that close window, and restart the software.
  • Also, check whether you have installed the latest software version.

Suggestion: For security purpose, maintaining the backup of files is necessary.


Hope, the description on QuickBooks Error 3371 is well understood to you. We hope you liked the blog; in case of any query, confusion or suggestion you are free to call us at our QuickBooks Error Support anytime.