QuickBooks Basics: QuickBooks Abort Error Troubleshooting Techniques


QuickBooks Abort Error

This QB software is renowned software used by lots of small-scale businessmen and also a large-scale businessmen. It has changed the view of bookkeeping and accounting in terms of businessmen, Accountants, and entrepreneurs. Its easy and interesting work interface increases the ease of handling business and payroll processing. Apart from its merits, there are some errors and problems faced by the users. These are common errors that can be eliminated easily. Are you facing a QB Abort error or any error? Stick to this article and you will get a pure solution to your problem. 

What is QuickBooks Abort Error? 

This error is caused due to missing or damaged files like QBWUSER.INI. Due to the crash of this file the workstation shuts down unevenly or it can slow down the work going on. You may feel some problem whenever this error arises. You are not able to open any file of the company. Due to the rise of this error, some of the data may get removed or deleted. If you lost some data then you have to enter the information or details again. The displayed message is: 

 QuickBooks Abort Error

Some Potential Causes of QuickBooks Abort Error

This error can arise due to some of the major reasons. Some are: 

  • Because of damaged software. 
  • Because of missing or damaged or deleted files like QBWUSER.INI. 
  • Because of problems created by the Security Software or Firewall. 
  • Due to the active “Hibernate” mode whenever you are saving any file of the company. 
  • When the software QB is unable to update or outdated. 
  • Because of damaged storage device. 
  • Due to some potential faults in the hardware. 
  • Because of problems in the hosting. 
  • Because of saved file moved to an improper location. 
  • Because of the corrupted file of the company. 
  • Because of the improper configuration of the system. 
  • When the version of the QB is not proper/suitable.
  • Because of damaged OS. 

Potential symptoms or major effects of QuickBooks Abort Error

  • The system stops working immediately. 
  • Because of disturbance due to internet connectivity. 
  • The workstation is not responding properly. 
  • The system becomes overheating. 
  • The QB software window closes down. 
  • The programs related to QB abort simultaneously and regularly. 
  • Some Fatal App Exit occurs. 
  • Due to not compatibility of software, windows 8 terminates programs related to QB. 

How to terminate QuickBooks Abort Error? 

If you encounter this error, don’t worry. Elimination of this error is also an easy task. You are well aware of its symptoms and causes, now consider the steps of mentioned methods to cure this error: 

  • Provide a new name to file “QBWUSER.INI”
  • Turn off Security options and Firewall 
  • Diagnose the Error using the QB Diagnostic tool
  • Shut down Hosting services 
  • Use the QB File Doctor tool 
  • Configure the Firewall 
  • Verify Data Utility or Re-build it 
  • Use the “Reboot.bat” file 
  • Start Workstation and server again 
  • Give a new name to the “.ND” file 
  • Go for clean install for QB
  • Check the file “config.msi” 

Method 1 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error:- Provide a new name to file “QBWUSER.INI”

Elimination of this error starts with the mentioned steps:- 

  • Go to the folder where the file i.e. QBWUSER.INI is placed or stored. 
  • Go to the path:

\[user name]\AppData\Intuit\quickbooks [year]\

  • Right-click on it. 
  • Select Rename option. 
  • Edit it by adding “.OLD” at the end of the name of the respected file. 
  • Also, go for “.ecml”.
  • Finally, open any file of a company of yours choice. 
 QuickBooks Abort Error

Method 2 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Turn off Security options and Firewall 

 QuickBooks Abort Error

If security software or Firewall can interrupt the ongoing process by considering it as malware or virus and quarantining it consequently. This happening may affect the working of the software. Therefore switch off the services of the antivirus so that this issue can be resolved. If you are not able to eliminate this problem then call us directly, don’t panic! 

Method 3 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Diagnose the Error using the QB Diagnostic tool

 QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Initially close QB and stop its ongoing process i.e. background as well as ongoing. 
  • Now download the tool. 
  • Install it instantly by selecting the correct options. 
  • Access the tool. 
  • Initiate the scan process. 
  • If it diagnoses any error, then go for its repair. 
  • If any error is not detected then close the tool. 

Method 4 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Shut down Hosting services 

Close all the hosting services ongoing in the workstation then consider the mentioned steps: 

  • Select the file of the company. 
  • Access it. 
  • Select the option Utility 
  •  QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Hit on Stop Hosting.                          
  • Access the file using the mode Multi-User. 
  • Finally, open it safely. 

Method 5 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Use the QB File Doctor tool 

  • The initial step is to download this tool to the workstation on which you are facing this error. 
  • Complete its installation. 
  • Open it. 
  • It will diagnose the errors persisting properly. 
  • If it finds any issue or error then eliminate it actively. 

Method 6 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Configure the Firewall 

  • Initially open the Start Menu
  • At that point type Windows Firewall. 
  • Click to open it. 
  • Select the Advanced settings. 
  • Check the Inbound Rules.
  • Select the option “New Rule”
  • Choose the Port.
  • Click on the Next
 QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Now select TCP
  • In the field, add the Specific Ports. 
  • Click on Next
  • Tap on the option that Allows the connection.
  • Choose an option Next
 QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Check on all the files. 
  • Select option next.
  • Go for making a new rule. 
  • Name it as you desired. 
  • The next step to close all the processes of the QB. 
  • Click on the option Finish

Method 7 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Verify Data Utility or Re-build it 

  • Firstly access QB. 
  • Visit the File Menu
  • Select the tab Utility.
  • Now appropriate option to verify data
 QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Run “Rebuild the tool” if you do not get the message to verify the vital data. 
  • The user has to go for repairing the selected file whenever the message “Your data has lost integrity” is reflected on the user’s screen. 
 QuickBooks Abort Error
  • Press OK at the time when the option “Backup company file” is appeared on the screen. 
  • Set the location to store or save the backup file of the workstation or company. 
  • Hit OK
  • Configure the process i.e. Data Rebuild
  • Now restore the backup with the help of choosing option File Menu

Method 8 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Use the “Reboot.bat” file 

  • Firstly close all the process of QB and close QB consequently. 
  • Locate the file “reboot.bat”.
  • Find the folder where the file of the QB is saved.
  • Click on “Open File Location”. 
  • Open this file. 
  • Start the system again i.e. close it first then close it. 
  • Open QB again. 

Method 9 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Start Workstation and server again 

  1. Firstly the user should make sure that the system is not having a single network to which it connects. 
  2. Use the server icon to start it. 
  3. Open QuickBooks again. 
  4. This will vanishes the error or if not then go for the next mentioned method. 

Method 10 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Give a new name to the “.ND” file 

  1. Locate the file “.ND” 
  2. Select that file by Right-clicking on it. 
  3. Select the option “Rename”.
  4. Just enter “.OLD”.
  5. Now check that the error still exists or not.

Method 11 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Go for clean install for QB

  • Before preceding this method you have to grab all the vital information and just create the backup to restore it whenever the loss of data takes place. 
  • Remove the software first or uninstall it. 
  • Provide a new name to that folder. 
  • Initiate the clean installation of software using the tool “QB Clean Install”
  • Just enter “.OLD” while editing the name of the file and also make sure to add it at the end of the name of the file.  

Method 12 to Fix QuickBooks Abort Error: Check the file “config.msi” 

  1.  Initially access the Windows Explorer. 
  2. Open the C: Drive.
  3. Select the option Tool.
  4. Go for the “Folder” option. 
  5. Select the tab View.
  6. Select the option “Hidden Files and Folders”.
  7. You just have to do Check-Mark on this or appeared option.
  8. Choose Apply
  9. Then press OK.
  10. Go for the Tools and Choose Folder option for accessing the files of the Operating System. 
  11. Select the tab View.
  12. Now you have to deselect the files of the QS that are protected also. 
  13. Choose Apply.
  14. Now press OK.
  15. On the file config.msi, right-click on it.
  16. Give a new name to this file by just adding “.OLD” at the end of the file. 
  17. Press Enter.
  18. Finally, you have to hide all the folders and files. 


This whole article describes all about this QuickBooks Abort Error i.e. its symptoms, causes, and solutions. Therefore firstly diagnose its major causes and some symptoms and then accordingly go for its solutions. You just have to consider the best or appropriate steps and follow the mentioned steps carefully. If you are unable to resolve this error then call us for technical assistance, we are always available for you and happy to cure your problems. 


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