QuickBooks Desktop editions, the recommended accounting, and control software take the entire business world to a whole new level and offers many functions. And the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service is originally designed and developed by Intuit. This version of QuickBooks is integrated with millions of organizations that provide users with flexibility and reliability. However, over time, both users and the company have accepted the need for something more advanced and secure.

Now If you can not decide which QuickBooks billing option is right for your business. This can be a pretty daunting task. especially with all the billing options available. We all know one thing: if you have employees, you have to pay for them! It is easy. Another problem is deciding which QuickBooks billing option is right for your company. Let’s look at the available options:

If you add an EIN to an existing QuickBooks Payroll Subscription and do not know how to add it, follow these steps to add an OPEN to your Basic, Standard, or Advanced Payroll subscription.

Basic requirements and limitations for QuickBooks desktop payroll Basic:

1) To complete the payment, you must use the same registered copy of QuickBooks Desktop for all subscribers on the same computer.

2) Keep in mind that if you use more than one company file under the same EIN and that the payroll subscription can cause errors, the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll CAN ONLY support a company data file by EIN.

3) Contact information and subscription to the invoice manager is the same for all the companies that you have added to a single subscription.

4) If you pay for Direct Deposit (DD) employees, the Direct Deposit allows you to install more than one company with the same DIY subscription.

5) Each QuickBooks Desktop payroll service limits the number of companies you can add to a single subscription. Keep in mind that the limits are based on the data files of the company, not the number of employees.

Steps to add an EIN To Existing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic.

1) Employee, then Payroll and then My existing billing service. (If this option is not shown, the option “Go to my current salary” is not available.

2) Under Define subscription, select Use subscription number xxx xxx xxx[Edit subscription paid]. (If you do not see your own subscription in the list, select Other: my subscription and zip code, and enter your details).

3) Choose Continue.

4) When the Add company information window opens, select Next to add the company.

5) Select Print. Or, go back to QuickBooks Desktop. (Note: the Payment for Payment window opens and the service is added automatically.)

6) Check the service switch.

7) Select Employees, Invoice Service, and then Manage service changes.

8) To see the new service key when it is active, select Show.

Want to get the Intuit membership directly before creating an invoice file, follow these steps to resolve the problem.

1) Receive the ON service key that you added.

2) Our vehicle can use the automatic service key or the diskette key.

3) Get in touch with our experts.

4) After activation, you will receive a unique service key. However, if you receive disk updates, use the automatic service key or the disk transfer key tool.

5) In the top menu bar, click Employees> Payroll> Enter Payroll Service Key.

6) Click on Add and enter the service key as a number without dashes.

7) Then click on Edit instead of Add. If the company file already contains the billing service key, enter your service key.

8) Now click Next.

9) Then click on Finish.

10) The billing function is now active. A new tax table is downloaded into the QuickBooks Desktop CompanyBook/File. We hope this helps you move or add an EIN to another QuickBooks Desktop subscription. If you still need help, you can contact us at our free QuickBooks helpline. And talk to a Certified QuickBooks specialist.