Hiring your company’s first employee is an important milestone for many small businesses. Entrepreneurs see this as a sign of growth and prosperity. In general, you don’t need to spend frustrating hours on your payroll and calculate your income tax debt. Now we are providing some more details and interaction with each part of the payroll that is related to the payroll plan. Because we know that this is very complex and needs to strengthen customer trust and make the company pay system more efficient and efficient. Check out the below-given sections:

How to Set Up QuickBooks Online Payroll for your clients in 5 Easy Steps?

This section describes the QuickBooks enhanced payroll service. See our QuickBooks Payroll Service Guide for detailed instructions on the features and benefits of the various payroll software offered by Intuit. After having all the information you need, close your arms now and let it run!

Five steps to paying with QuickBooks Online:

  1. Go to Employee Center
    Click the Employees tab on the left menu bar as shown on your screen.
  2. Continue the payroll installation
    If you purchased Payroll with your QuickBooks Online subscription, the setup screen appears on the following screen. Use the “Settings” button on the screen to go to the next step.
  3. Answer questions about previous payrolls
    If you’re converting to QuickBooks from a manual or computerized billing system, you’ll need to provide some additional information to make sure your W-2 forms are correct. You should provide details of all salaries given throughout the year.

a) Have you paid to 20XX W-2 staff? – This question is very explanatory. If you already paid your employees salary this year, then select “Yes”. If you pay for the first time this year, select “No”.

b) When is QuickBooks Online Payroll billed for the first time? – Specify the date you want to make your first payroll in QuickBooks. The options displayed here are determined by the current date.

c) How did you pay your employees? – Indicate how you pay your employees on your manual/old system. Your answer to this question is very important because if you pay employees and reduce taxes, you must give each employee the latest salary information after installation.

  1. Add personnel
    Click “Add Staff” as given on your screen and follow the next instructions:
  2. Enter employee information
    Fill in the fields shown on the screen:

The following are the fields of information that you must set in the QuickBooks online payroll:

a) Employee Resources – This information comes from the W-4 Form we discussed earlier. When you click Edit, the screen above will be displayed.
b) Fee Table – Select the Employee’s Salary Table from the drop-down list (eg Weekly, Every Friday, Monthly, etc.).
c) Employee compensation – Enter the employee’s salary in this box. Tip: If you want to add more cost types, click the Add additional cost types link at the bottom of this box.
d) Employee out-of-service time – Select employee outages/contributions as shown in the figure below.
e) Payment Method – Select “Direct Deposit” or “Live Control” from the drop-down list. If you prefer direct deposit, directly enter the employee’s bank details using the direct deposit authorization form described above.
f) Enter your current Payment Information – If you paid this employee this year, enter the latest payment information from the old screen.

If you are having any payroll issues, the solution is QuickBooks Online Payroll.

We currently have many different customers. Customer size, shape, technical knowledge, confusion and so on. It may show differences. We have to deal with these customers and it is our responsibility to not only listen to the customer but also to know the problem well, to understand all previous and related problems and to find an effective solution.

QuickBooks Online Paycheque is a better choice for these accountants. It gives me and the accountant more flexibility to create or control the payroll system. The basic function of the QuickBooks online payroll is to have it all, so you can monitor compliance and access and use data. Customer is easy to use. So please be satisfied with the online services provided by QuickBooks and continue using them.